Friday, February 03, 2006

A great week

Kerstin enjoyed her first three days back at school. Today she didn't even need Mom to walk her to the front door. McKinsey and Kerstin helped Annie up at Cavett after school today. She goes back to work next week. Annie seems to be ready to get back at it. She misses her class and her teacher friends quite a bit. She is very happy to be going back only part time (in the afternoons while Kerstin is at school). Mrs. Adams did an awesome job the past few months and plans to continue to teach the fourth graders in the morning. What a blessing! Kerstin wasn't happy to find out that she doesn't get to go back to her favorite babysitter's house, but Mom sure is glad not to have to wake her up before 7:00 each day. School is wearing her out, and we are glad she can sleep in if she needs to. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, good thoughts, and encouraging messages. Know that we appreciate it all. Thanks for checking on us! Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back to School!

12:44 P.M. couldn't come soon enough today! After more than 3 months, Kerstin is thrilled to be back to school! Mrs. Swiatek brought special celebration treats for the whole class. The kids also made her a beautiful card. Annie got to spend a little while at school with Kerstin and her friends. They are such a caring group of kids! Kerstin felt a little bit like a celebrity today! She had a great day, and we are sure she will sleep well tonight! God has taken especially good care of our little girl!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Waffle Man Fund Raiser

The Cavett Elementary PTO put on a "Waffle Man" fund raiser for Kerstin tonight. It was a great time, and there was a huge turn out. It was really nice for Annie to see some of her students and fellow faculty members. Kerstin was only able to eat half her waffle, but she said the half she ate was pretty tasty. I think it was almost completely covered in whipped cream and strawberry syrup! We would like to say a big "Thank You" to all of the teachers, staff members, parents and students who helped with this event. The fourth graders did a fabulous job of keeping the tables cleaned and ready for the next dinner guests. Kerstin and McKinsey had an especially great time watching the many students perform during the talent show. Thanks also to everyone who came out to enjoy a delicious meal and premier entertainment. We feel richly blessed to have such wonderful support from our family, friends, and school community. Posted by Picasa


Kerstin actually has some new hairs coming in, so we decided she better get those long "fly-away" hairs trimmed up. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just To Say Thanks

We have nothing extra-ordinary to post today. We just wanted to take an opportunity to say thanks. It seems like our world moves so fast, and there are so many life altering events that catch our attention. Sometimes it's easy to forget about other peoples' situations unless it is in front of you every day. We have been fortunate not to have that happen with Kerstin. It's four months after her diagnosis now, and we are still blessed to have people (some we have never met before) still reaching out to us with offers to help in any way needed. So, to all of you who read this blog (and to all who don't as well), we just wanted to make sure you know that all of your prayers, well wishes, and gifts are greatly appreciated.

As for Kerstin, she is loving life without her central line and seems to be adjusting to her new chemo meds just fine. She is also very excited to be going back to school this Wednesday.

Thanks for checking in on her. We hope you all have a blessed week.