Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Early Birthday

Kerstin's grandparents from Colorado will not be able to come back for Kerstin's "birth day", so they held an early party for her complete with presents and an ice cream cake.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Dance fever that is. Grandma and Grandpa from the mountains showed up Sunday evening to stay for a few days. The girls were very excited to have a new audience for their dance routines. The grandparents got quite a show.

Kerstin continues to stay healthy. We still get very nervous when someone coughs or sneezes around her. Her doctor has also cleared her to travel, so we are trying to make plans for spring break in March.

As Kerstin remains healthy, are thoughts and prayers are with all of our new friends who are fighting secondary illnesses in addition to their primary cancers. Please say a special prayer for them and all those who need the extra attention.

Thanks for checking in on us and we hope you have a blessed week.

Uncle Brian

Things kind of slowed down after Valentine's Day. The weather got really cold (single digits and below zero), so we basically just hibernated when the girls weren't in school.

Saturday Kerstin had the idea of going out to breakfast, so we bundled everyone up and headed to Perkins for "brunch". We braved the cold weather and the crowds and did some shopping after we ate. That afternoon Kerstin's Uncle Brian stopped by to play. He was actually in town to see his girlfriend, but knew he would be in trouble with the girls if he didn't come see them. They had a fun time using Uncle Brian as an indoor gymnasium.