Friday, December 30, 2005

3rd Cycle of Chemo

We spent the last couple of days in Omaha so Kerstin could get her 3rd (and hopefully last) cycle of chemo. This time she was able to do it as an "outpatient" at the oncology clinic. We met a lot of new people who are going through the same things we are. We count our blessings though because Kerstin has only had to deal with this a fraction of what some of these kids have. Some of these children have been doing this for up to three years.

After she was done with her first dose on Thursday, Kerstin visited the 6th floor to deliver some chocolate covered pretzel rods to the nurses up there. It was good to see them. I'm always impressed by how well they remember their patients. Kerstin had a stomach ache after her first dose on Thursday. She seemed to feel better after we met some friends for supper and then went to their house to play for a while. (Fun time is always a good distraction for aches and pains.) Friday morning during her chemo, Kerstin did get sick. On the bright side, she hadn't had an appetite so there wasn't much to come up. We made it home on Friday for lunch and spent the rest of the day unpacking and playing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Build A Bear

Kerstin and her sister went to Build A Bear in the Oakview Mall (Omaha) today. They both had gift certificates to spend. Kerstin goes in to the oncology clinic for outpatient chemo tomorrow and Friday (hopefully her last cycle). We came down a day early to take her to the mall while she is feeling well (and so we didn't have to get up so early tomorrow morning to get here). Click on the title "Build A Bear" for more pictures.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

News Update

I was going to entitle this "Good News and Bad News," but I didn't want to freak anyone out! Let's start with the good news. Kerstin's counts are high enough that she can go in for her last round of chemo on Thursday and Friday. Since she doesn't need a bone marrow biopsy this time, she can get her treatment as an outpatient at the oncology clinic in Omaha! Kerstin remembers the clinic from her first visit there in October as the place with all the toys and the Dora's talking house. She is excited for her sister to be able to see it as well. McKinsey and Kerstin got new doll beds last night, handmade by Uncle Jay, Aunt Debbie, Jeremy, Trevor, and Marcus. They are adorable, and the girls' dolls are all fighting to get to sleep in the new comfy beds. The girls and their dolls had a sleepover last night in their new sleeping bags in the new basement!

Now for the bad news. Some vandals came through our neighborhood early this morning and destroyed at least 15 of the candy canes on our street. As you can see, ours was broken in half. The girls and I were just sick this morning when we saw it. They have quite an elaborate plan in place to catch the "bad people." I have assured them that LPD is on the case so we should let them do their jobs. We have decided to leave the candy canes up as they are for now. We hope that the culprits will be caught soon. Both Channel 8 and 10-11 News crews were in the neighborhood today. I know we'll be watching the news tonight.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Infusion Center

The whole family got to go to the infusion center at St. E's today for Kerstin's blood draw. Kerstin and McKinsey parked themselves in front of the tv while Jeff and Annie kept themselves busy with other things. Kerstin's ANC came back at just over 2700, so we are expecting to take a trip to Omaha tomorrow. We'll have to wait to hear from the clinic in the morning before we make any plans.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all from the Lincoln Leafs. We had a nice, quiet Christmas at home. Grandma and Grandpa Gnuse were able to stay with us. We always enjoy their visits. Santa was able to come down the chimney and leave a few things in the new basement this year! Kerstin wasn't able to go to church with us because her counts are down, but she put on her pretty dress anyway.

McKinsey is riding her new scooter from Santa. McKinsey also got a McDonalds cash register playset from her sister. Would you like fries with that?

Kerstin got a Dora doll from Santa and twin babies from her sister. We were able to spend lots of time today playing with the new toys. (Of course it takes at least 45 minutes to get each toy out of its box!!)

We will be in Lincoln for a few more days at least until Kerstin's counts get high enough to go back to Omaha for her next round of chemo. We will get some lab work done at the Infusion Center at St. E's tomorrow. Thanks for all of your prayers. Take some time to remember baby Jesus today and every day. God's blessings to you!