Tuesday, December 27, 2005

News Update

I was going to entitle this "Good News and Bad News," but I didn't want to freak anyone out! Let's start with the good news. Kerstin's counts are high enough that she can go in for her last round of chemo on Thursday and Friday. Since she doesn't need a bone marrow biopsy this time, she can get her treatment as an outpatient at the oncology clinic in Omaha! Kerstin remembers the clinic from her first visit there in October as the place with all the toys and the Dora's talking house. She is excited for her sister to be able to see it as well. McKinsey and Kerstin got new doll beds last night, handmade by Uncle Jay, Aunt Debbie, Jeremy, Trevor, and Marcus. They are adorable, and the girls' dolls are all fighting to get to sleep in the new comfy beds. The girls and their dolls had a sleepover last night in their new sleeping bags in the new basement!

Now for the bad news. Some vandals came through our neighborhood early this morning and destroyed at least 15 of the candy canes on our street. As you can see, ours was broken in half. The girls and I were just sick this morning when we saw it. They have quite an elaborate plan in place to catch the "bad people." I have assured them that LPD is on the case so we should let them do their jobs. We have decided to leave the candy canes up as they are for now. We hope that the culprits will be caught soon. Both Channel 8 and 10-11 News crews were in the neighborhood today. I know we'll be watching the news tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great news that you get to have your chemo as an outpatient! Maybe we will see you on Thursday. Abby has an appointment in Cardiology Clinic for an Echo! We will check for you at Hem/Onc when we are done. Abby got a new baby doll for Christmas, and guess what she named it? Kerstin Noel! She named it after you Kerstin! It is a very cute baby doll! Abby will bring her with us on Thursday in case we see you!
Glad you are feeling good! Have fun with all of your new toys!
Kristi and Abby

Aunt Sandi said...

WOO-HOO for the outpatient chemo!!! What a strong little girl you are, just continuing to amaze us all.

And wow - Can't wait to see a photo of those new doll beds! Kenna's crew [she has five dollys she "can't live without"] will be so jealous!

As for Candy Cane Lane's sad day -- well, some people just don't know how to enjoy other people's happiness, do they?!! :( Like your daddy said, I'm sure LPD is on the case ... and I hope they make those bad guys come back and help repair all the candy canes they busted up! And NO hot cocoa for THOSE fellas while they work!

You guys take care there. Have a safe trip to & fro Omaha, and we'll wait to hear more great news from you! Love, love, love - xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Jeff & Annie,
We are in North Platte visiting my family for Christmas when we saw the report on the news last night, it's just terrible. You will have to let your neighbors know that you have some friends in the "painting business" when the time comes to fix the Candy Canes!
Annie-Your curtains are almost done! Kerstin-we will be thinking of you on Thursday when you get to go to the Big O! Keep Smiling and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Jen, Tim, Matthew & Mallory