Monday, December 26, 2005

Infusion Center

The whole family got to go to the infusion center at St. E's today for Kerstin's blood draw. Kerstin and McKinsey parked themselves in front of the tv while Jeff and Annie kept themselves busy with other things. Kerstin's ANC came back at just over 2700, so we are expecting to take a trip to Omaha tomorrow. We'll have to wait to hear from the clinic in the morning before we make any plans.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Leaf's! Merry Christmas!
Maybe we will see you tomorrow if you go to clinic. We have a spinal tap and chemo. We are scheduled for our tap at 9:30, and then we will go to clinic for our IV push. If you are in the hospital this week, we will come and see you! Your counts are better than Abby's Miss Kerstin! She was only at 1200! We love and miss you guys and can't wait to hear what Santa brought you this year!
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater