Friday, December 30, 2005

3rd Cycle of Chemo

We spent the last couple of days in Omaha so Kerstin could get her 3rd (and hopefully last) cycle of chemo. This time she was able to do it as an "outpatient" at the oncology clinic. We met a lot of new people who are going through the same things we are. We count our blessings though because Kerstin has only had to deal with this a fraction of what some of these kids have. Some of these children have been doing this for up to three years.

After she was done with her first dose on Thursday, Kerstin visited the 6th floor to deliver some chocolate covered pretzel rods to the nurses up there. It was good to see them. I'm always impressed by how well they remember their patients. Kerstin had a stomach ache after her first dose on Thursday. She seemed to feel better after we met some friends for supper and then went to their house to play for a while. (Fun time is always a good distraction for aches and pains.) Friday morning during her chemo, Kerstin did get sick. On the bright side, she hadn't had an appetite so there wasn't much to come up. We made it home on Friday for lunch and spent the rest of the day unpacking and playing.


mrsswiatek said...

Hi Kerstin,
Happy New Year! I hope this email finds you feeling better! I love your kitten and Mckinsey's poodle, too cute! I am so glad you are done with your last treatment! Get well soon so that you can get back to school. It will be a great New Year with you back in our classroom! Take care sweetie! Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin, We all hope this is indeed your final round of chemo. I'm sorry you felt nasty at the clinic, but it sounds like a fun time seeing your friends and those nice nurses again! We're always excited for new photos from you - Feel better soon - we love you! xoxoxoxo