Friday, January 27, 2006

Park Time!

It was absolutely gorgeous out this afternoon. McKinsey and Kerstin and friends played at the park for a while after school today. They claimed that almost everyone pushed faster on the Merry-Go-Round than I (Annie) could. I just didn't want them to get sick! They also created a new sport by going "Slide surfing" down the little slides.

Kerstin continues to feel really good. She has been taking one of her new meds for a couple of days now. She starts another new one tonight, so we are praying for the best! Kerstin is still looking forward to going to school again on Wednesday! Kerstin and Annie spent a little bit of time at Cavett today helping Annie get ready to go back to her teaching job on February 6th. Thanks for checking on us! Keep praying for our friend, Abby. You can visit her website by going to Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No More Central Line!

We took Kerstin to Omaha this morning to the Oncology clinic. After some lab work, we got to go to the Pediatric surgery wing where the doctor removed her central line. Kerstin has been so excited to get rid of it, but was a bit worried about how it was going to get done. She did not realize that she was going to get a shot (she says 3 shots) to numb the area. The anticipation of the shot was much worse than the actual shot. It wasn't a very fun procedure for her, but she hung in there like a trooper! We are very proud of how tough she has been. We also met with Dr. G who outlined the plan for her Maintenance Therapy which began this evening. She will be taking a total of four different medications, all but one are in pill form. She will really be a pro at swallowing pills after this! We are hoping that the side effects of these drugs won't be as bad as the labels sound! She will get her blood checked every two weeks (at St. E's in Lincoln) and a check up by her doctor every 4 weeks (in Lincoln, too). This maintenance therapy will last for one year from today. We still will have to be careful and keep try to keep her from catching any major bugs, but we won't have to be as cautious as we were at first.
Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann were able to come to Lincoln for a little celebration. We went out to dinner and even had time to play a game of Fast Track. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with them. They hope to be able to stay longer next time.
Thanks for checking on us and for all of your encouraging messages! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cookie Baking Train

Kerstin and Annie tried a new recipe for Monster Cookies! Kerstin got plenty of dough on her fingers and had to eventually lick them clean! We rolled the cookie dough in a variety of chopped up candy bars or chocolate chips. We decided to rename the cookies "Clean out the Candy Basket Cookies." After we finished baking, it was time to clean up. Annie taught Kerstin one of her favorite activities as a child. Do you remember this Grandma Clarice? Uncle Brian? Whenever Grandma mopped the floor, it was time to play train with all of the chairs. Kerstin decided her train was going to the North Pole. Polar Express anyone?

Kerstin is very excited to be going back to Omaha tomorrow to get her central line taken out. She is hoping to be able to visit Abby at Children's while we are there. Thanks for all of your messages, words of encouragement, and especially your prayers. Don't forget to add Abby to your list. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Artist in Action

While McKinsey went to a friend's birthday party in the Haymarket, Kerstin and Annie went to Paint Yourself Silly. What a fun place! It was a difficult decision, but Kerstin chose a flower-shaped bank to paint. We think it turned out great! Kerstin knew exactly what she wanted to do. The flower's petals are each different colors. The eyes are blue and the mouth is purple. We even made a new friend today who was painting with her girls. Afterwards we just had to go to the Ivanna Ice Cream store. Kerstin chose Grape Nerds. Yes, Uncle Brian, we were thinking of you! Grape ice cream with Nerds in it. Delicious!

Kerstin is excited to be going back to Omaha on Wednesday to see her doctor. They plan to take out her central line. Hooray! No more dressing changes! No more heparanizing her line every day! We also hope to find out more information about her maintenance therapy which should be starting within the next few weeks. We are so blessed that everything has been going so smoothly. We believe in the power of prayer. Thank you everyone for taking the time to check on us and pray for us. Send up a prayer for Kerstin's friend, Abby, too. She is back at Children's with a fever and very low counts. She can use your prayers. Have a blessed day!