Friday, January 27, 2006

Park Time!

It was absolutely gorgeous out this afternoon. McKinsey and Kerstin and friends played at the park for a while after school today. They claimed that almost everyone pushed faster on the Merry-Go-Round than I (Annie) could. I just didn't want them to get sick! They also created a new sport by going "Slide surfing" down the little slides.

Kerstin continues to feel really good. She has been taking one of her new meds for a couple of days now. She starts another new one tonight, so we are praying for the best! Kerstin is still looking forward to going to school again on Wednesday! Kerstin and Annie spent a little bit of time at Cavett today helping Annie get ready to go back to her teaching job on February 6th. Thanks for checking on us! Keep praying for our friend, Abby. You can visit her website by going to Posted by Picasa


toninette said...

Just looking at the merry-go-round makes me dizzy! Glad you could get out and have fun! I'm still waiting and lurking for the cookies!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin!
How's it going taking those new meds? Are you excited to go to school?

Elise had the flu this weekend...gross! She feels better today though and has been able to eat a little bit. Crackers and noodles...yum!

Adrienne had a big party on Friday for the CD that she recorded. Maybe I'll see you at church? I'll try to remember to put an extra CD in the diaper bag to give you when I see you or mom. I think you and McKinsey would like it!

Not much else is new. I was just checking on you and Abby.

Hugs and prayers to you all-
Julie Anderson