Sunday, January 22, 2006

Artist in Action

While McKinsey went to a friend's birthday party in the Haymarket, Kerstin and Annie went to Paint Yourself Silly. What a fun place! It was a difficult decision, but Kerstin chose a flower-shaped bank to paint. We think it turned out great! Kerstin knew exactly what she wanted to do. The flower's petals are each different colors. The eyes are blue and the mouth is purple. We even made a new friend today who was painting with her girls. Afterwards we just had to go to the Ivanna Ice Cream store. Kerstin chose Grape Nerds. Yes, Uncle Brian, we were thinking of you! Grape ice cream with Nerds in it. Delicious!

Kerstin is excited to be going back to Omaha on Wednesday to see her doctor. They plan to take out her central line. Hooray! No more dressing changes! No more heparanizing her line every day! We also hope to find out more information about her maintenance therapy which should be starting within the next few weeks. We are so blessed that everything has been going so smoothly. We believe in the power of prayer. Thank you everyone for taking the time to check on us and pray for us. Send up a prayer for Kerstin's friend, Abby, too. She is back at Children's with a fever and very low counts. She can use your prayers. Have a blessed day!


Aunt Sandi said...

Hey, Kerstin! What a beautiful flower bank! Kenna would have just the same painting plan: every pedal a different color of the rainbow. :)

We're very excited to hear that you may soon be without that pesky central line!!! Geez lou-eez, what's next? [Back to school??? YEA!!!! :) ] Keeping you in our prayers.

And tell your friend Abby that the Sunshine State's got her in the prayer in the circle with you [it actually goes all the way to Australia and Norway!] and we're thinking extra special thoughts of her this week.

PS, You're stylin' in the Hawaiian dress! xoxoxoxo

Jeanne Schroeder said...

How neat, Kerstin! Emma and I LOVVVVE Paint Yourself Silly. It's so cool! Am glad things are looking up for you. We are keeping you and your friend in our prayers.

Give Mommy a hug from me. Gotta go. Griff is on a popcorn tin getting things off the counters!!!

Jeanne Schroeder

Sharon Knudsen said...

Wow, Kerstin! What a beautiful flower you made! What great news that you will get your central line out! Yea!!! Keep up the good work and stay strong!

Emilie said...

Hi Kerstin!
Wow! That flower bank looks really cool! I've gone to paint yoursef silly and then to Ivanna cone so many times and I know that it is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Thats so exciting that your getting rid of the central line! I'm sure that's a big relief to not have to deal with that anymore. You have come so far in your recovery. We're still praying for you too.