Saturday, January 21, 2006

Visitors from GI

Annie and the girls were treated to a visit from Uncle Jay, Aunt Deb, Doris, Trevor and Marcus this afternoon. They were in town for cousin Jeremy's Show Choir performance. The girls got to hang out and play legos with Cousin Trevor. Mostly they terrorized him and got very wound up! We enjoyed a nice dinner together before they had to head home.

Kerstin has been dressing up in this gorgeous Hawaiian dress for at least a few hours each day the past week. Thanks for the hand-me-down, Brenna! Here is a shot of her doing a Cheetah Girls song saying, "No, No, No-one else". I love it! American Idols, watch out!


Sharon Knudsen said...

Thanks for signing Hannah's guestbook. Actually, you do know us, although you may not remember. We met you with Abby B. when you were first diagnosed, Kerstin. We all colored at the lollipop, and Hannah made you a mobile for your IV pole. We have been checking on you ever since. :) Love the new nails!!

Hannah loves to play with stuffed animals, too. Do you make homes and other things with the couch cushions? Hannah and her friends often do that, and mess up my living room too. Hoping your counts stay up and that you can come to Abby's party. We will look forward to seeing you!

jessi&baylee said...

We love the cheatah girls too. That is a very cool dress