Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Puppet Show

Since Jeff is on duty today, the girls and I decided to spend the day goofing around. We went out for lunch and did a little shopping. There wasn't school today, but the teachers were working so I was able to visit with my Cavett teacher friends. The girls enjoyed visiting a number of classrooms and even had time to present a puppet show. Thanks Chris!

Kerstin had labwork done yesterday and her counts continue to go up! Hooray! Her ANC was 1092. As long as things keep going well, she should be back to school within the next few weeks. Are you ready Mrs. Swiatek? Kerstin is very excited about being with all of her friends again. Thanks for checking on us! Have a blessed day! Posted by Picasa


Pastor Greg said...

Kerstin and McKinsey,

I was so glad to see you for a little while here at church tonight. It is awesome seeing you acting like the girls I remember from months gone by. I knew this day would come. Kerstin, I'm so happy that your counts continue to rise. I'm certain that this will continue. I hope that you can feel all the prayers being said for you!

Take care!

Pastor Greg, Rose, Emilie and Alex

mrsswiatek said...

Hi Kerstin,
HOORAY!!!!!!! Yes, I am more than ready for you to be back in my room!!!! I hope the next few weeks fly by!!!! The kids will be very excited to hear the great news!! Take care little one so your counts continue to soar!! Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Pat P. said...

Kerstin and McKinsey,

It was good to see you and your mom at Cavett today. Thanks for putting on the puppet show for me.


Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin, We're all so excited for you to get back to school with your friends! We know they miss you as much as you miss them. :)

Casey's school celebrated their 100th Day of the year today. Next thing you know, it'll be Spring Break!

We love you all and we pray for you every day - can't wait for this milestone for you! Love, love, love - the RooneyToons

Anonymous said...

Great News about the counts and getting to go back to school! Are you ready? I bet you are! Your friends will be so glad to see you! It will be nice to get back into your "old" routine!
Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Build a Bear, then Valentinos! Abby is so excited to see everyone!
Love ya,
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater

Sharon Knudsen said...

Wow! Getting to go back to school would be so cool!! Hope that happens really soon!! Loved the puppet show picture, and I am sorry I missed the show. See you Sunday at Build a Bear!!

Sharon Knudsen

Brian and Brenna said...

So how did the puppet show go?

Was the dog nice to the bear?


I suppose they could work together with two creative girls at the helm.

Great news on the counts Kerstin...
I am sure your friends are excited to have the famous little friend Kerstin back in school...

Odds are you are quite ready to go too!

Brian and Brenna

Emilie said...

Hi Kerstin!
It was so good to see you and McKinsey last night at church. It had been way too long since the last time I got to play fun and silly games with you. You are such a wonderful and fun little girl and getting to spend time with you really made my day. Lots of love and prayers,
Emilie :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the dad of one of Kerstin's classmates at Rousseau. So glad to hear she'll be back at school soon. We are all pulling for you.
See you soon!

Erica said...

Dear Leafs -

What FABULOUS news! You have all been through so much and you came out successfully on the other end.

Kerstin, you are still my heroine!

Love -

Anonymous said...

No worries about Abby! She will be ready to go on Saturday! We have her cake ordered, and we are all so excited to see everyone!
We will see you on SUNDAY!
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater

Grandma & Grandpa Gnuse said...

Kerstin & McKinsey

I'll bet the puppet show was a lot of fun. Im sure it must have been fun going over to the school. Perhaps it will not be long and you can again join the rest of the kids back at school.
Clarice and I check in each day to check on your progress.
love ya both
Grandpa & Grandma