Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cookie Baking Train

Kerstin and Annie tried a new recipe for Monster Cookies! Kerstin got plenty of dough on her fingers and had to eventually lick them clean! We rolled the cookie dough in a variety of chopped up candy bars or chocolate chips. We decided to rename the cookies "Clean out the Candy Basket Cookies." After we finished baking, it was time to clean up. Annie taught Kerstin one of her favorite activities as a child. Do you remember this Grandma Clarice? Uncle Brian? Whenever Grandma mopped the floor, it was time to play train with all of the chairs. Kerstin decided her train was going to the North Pole. Polar Express anyone?

Kerstin is very excited to be going back to Omaha tomorrow to get her central line taken out. She is hoping to be able to visit Abby at Children's while we are there. Thanks for all of your messages, words of encouragement, and especially your prayers. Don't forget to add Abby to your list. Have a blessed day!


Brian and Brenna said...

I was just thinking about the train the other day I did my by-monthly sweep of the kitchen.(honest)

Brenna and I have adjusted it to moving the chairs to the living room and making a fort. A slight alteration of the train. But...fun still is had.

Kerstin and Kinsey... come anytime and Brenna and I will build you a nasty cool fort complete with lots of pillows, blankets, snacks, movies and more.

Kerstin... I am sure you are ready to get rid of your line. I know you aren't looking forward to it exactly but in poof minutes flat it will be gone.

Good Luck all.

We'll pray all goes well.
Brian and Brenna

Grandma & Grandpa Gnuse said...

I remember lots of chair trains but don't remember where they were going. I'm sure they were not the Polar Express. They were more likely The Little Engine That Could. I also remember that chair trains were a good way to get help moving the chairs.
That's great that you will be getting your central line removed! So glad to hear that. I'm sure you were too.
The cookies sound delicious. Monster cookies make lots so do you have some to share?
Love, Grandpa Gene and Grandma Clarice

Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

How come Uncle Jay never played chair train? Is he a dud or what? Have fun in Omaha tomorrow. It will be so cool to get rid of your line, then Trevor won't have to worry when he picks you up over his shoulder. TJ sure had a fun time playing with you Saturday. I hope he didn't wear you out as much as you wore him out.

toninette said...

Ok, more cookies! I can't stand it! I'm going to come down and camp out on your front steps until I get a cookie! I'll even fight Kerstin to lick the dough off her fingers! Just kidding...maybe.

Glad your central line is going bye-bye! One thing you will NOT miss!

I met a woman today who is going through what you are, but she didn't have a funky cool hat like yours - just a nice bandana. I think you need to make her a funky hat like you wear! Today was her first day back so everyone and their dog came to visit her and see how she is doing. She has as much love and support as you do!

Along with you, she will be in my prayers tonight. Be well my little cookie monster!



p.s. - beware before you step outside, I might be lurking, looking for your cookie creations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin,
By the time you read this maybe your line will be out!! Elise and I are doing a counts dance for Abby everyday. Elise has a very cute dance ... she sways her arms back and forth and bounces up and down. Then we count as high as we can. Since she's only one she can only count to nine- but if we do it often enough that will be a lot of counts!! Take care sweet girl, and remember Jesus is right by your side giving you big hugs!
Hugs and prayers for a great day-
Julie Anderson

mrsswiatek said...

I would love to be aboard your train! You make a darling conductor! I hope all goes well tomorrow in Omaha, as always you will be in my prayers. I hope too that your friend Abby in feeling better and that you are able to see her. I know your smiling face would brighten her day. I can't wait to hear how your appointment went! I think your flower bank in beautiful!!!! My own kiddos are getting the flu one by one, on to the third with one more to go or preferably NOT. So....I best go play nurse. Stay away from that nasty stuff! My K son did not feel well for 5 days! Take care little one and I can't wait to read tomorrow's update!! Please let me know when you know if Febr. 1 is a for sure return to school date. I can't wait!!! God Bless, Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Aunt Sandi said...

You folks are the cookie-in'est people we know! :) Monster cookies sound awfully yummy, but the clean-out-the-candy-basket variety might be tough for us; about all that's left here is green taffy & tootsie rolls - yuck!

We're all so happy to hear that you'll soon be rid of that central line. Casey's pretty sure it'll be easier to have fun without it, and we have to agree with him. Thinking good thoughts and praying sweet prayers for you to have as easy a day as possible!

Hope you got to see Abby while you were in Omaha -- know your smile always makes ME feel better! :)

Will call for a chat this weekend - xoxoxoxo

Niki Jesse said...

Kerstin and Annie, that chair train sounds very familiar (must be an Arlington thing!!!), I remember that happening at the Day house a few bazillion times!!! So glad to see that you got your line out, you're on the downhill slide now!!! Love, Niki (6th floor)