Thursday, January 12, 2006

Counts are coming up!

Kerstin had labs done today. Her ANC is on its way up! It is still low (620), but we are so glad to see that it is higher than on Monday. Her hemoglobin is low, but not enough to need blood. We even got to stop by Dr. G's Lincoln clinic today for a quick visit. He is pleased with her progress. Kerstin handled her dressing change quite well today, but she will sure be glad when that central line is gone. Thanks for stopping in to check on us. We love reading all of your comments. Keep those prayers coming, and pray for all of Kerstin's new friends, too (Abby, Mary, Lauren, Hannah, and Megan)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin! I'm so glad your counts are going up! I hope they keep going up for you.

I'll keep you my prayers
PS I love your hat!

Shayna P.

Brian and Brenna said...


Nice Lid little lady. I am not sure if I would pet you like a little purple kitty first if I saw you or do some cheers. Maybe I will leave the Pom Pom cheers up to you Kinsey and Brenna. You are much better at. (good kitty!)

I am so glad to hear you are feeling pretty well and your numbers are headed in the right direction.

We pray everynight that your progress will continue. We can't wait to see you again soon.

Brian and

Aunt Sandi said...

Dear Kerstin, Big cheers for the rising couts! And no infusion needed? Sounds like the right track to us! :)

As always, praying for your continued progress and LOVIN' those rosy cheeks. :)


The Baginski's said...

Kerstin - We love the purple hair. The girls want to get some too. We are so thankful that your counts are coming up. Hopefully you felt well enough to eat some of the cookies you made. Hope to see you soon. Love - The Baginski's