Friday, March 31, 2006

Doctor's Appointment

Kerstin had her scheduled doctor's appointment yesterday at St. E's in Lincoln. As a bonus, we also ran in to Lauren and her dad there as well. Kerstin's counts are holding steady at 1318. Our biggest concern are the increased headaches she has been having. After some discussion, we have decided that she will skip the rest of the ATRA for this week, and when her next ATRA week comes we are going to reduce the dose. The Zofran has worked great on the nausea, but the headaches it gives her are terrible. An alternate medication we talked about is Anzemet. According to the literature it appears to have about the same incident of headaches as the Zofran. If anyone has any experience with the Anzemet, we would love to hear from you. In the mean time if we need something for the nausea, we'll go with the Phenergan. On the bright side, Kerstin's headaches have begun to fade since she stopped taking the Zofran and ATRA.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care and thank you for the prayers.


Brian and Brenna said...


Wow... I can't imagine having to deal little girl headaches. That just stinks!

You guys are doing such a great job. I pray things get less complicated and Kerstin has fewer 'tough' days.

God Bless you as each hurdled is jumped.

B and B

Anonymous said...

Miss Kerstin!!
I just wanted to check it on you miss Kerstin! I'm so sorry that your medsen was making you not feel good! Yecy!

sharon Knudsen said...

I hope your headaches are gone for good by now. It's nasty to have deal with your head pounding all day plus meds. Yea! that your numbers are okay. Hope you are feeling better, sweetie!