Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Kerstin and her sister got their Easter dresses on and went Easter egg hunting this morning. Kerstin's ATRA week is over, but she is still having some bad headaches. We continue to "experiment" with her medications to find a good combination to reduce the side effects. Other than that, her appetite is very good and her hair continues to grow back.

We hope you all enjoyed a blessed Easter. Take care and God bless. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! It sounds like you had a wonderful couple of days...except for some headaches. I hope the Tylenol takes the edge off of those!

Elise has had a high fever and tummy cramps since Saturday night, so the kids and I stayed home today. Scott went to Omaha to play in a brass quintet and then came home to spend the rest of the day with us. I think this is the first Easter that I've ever missed church! We found a bunch of cool stuff on TV though... a church made of all glass, the "Hallelujah Chorus" sung by a 300 voice choir with orchestra and percussion, and a series of traditional hymns with a HUGE pipe organ.

Hope you had a blessed day and can rest up tomorrow!
Take care-
Hugs and prayers,
Julie Anderson

Brian and Brenna said...

Happy Easter Ladies!

Very Pretty dresses...

Remember... don't eat all the chocolate at once.

Glad to hear the hunt was successful. The Easter Bunny Came while Brenna was gone to Texas. I decided I better wait to dig into her basket though.

I went to the 7AM service today and was late. That is early for me on Sunday but the egg breakfast after church was yummy. Then it was back to work downstairs.

I pray the headaches stop. They are just no fun. I will be anxious to see all your hair in a couple of weeks.

B and B

Aunt Sandi said...

What lovely ladies. :) Your Easter dresses are so bright and springy; I hope your weather is holding out for you! Do remember wearing Easter dresses with winter coats, though, more than one year.

Kerstin, we pray the headaches keep to a minimum and this next week is a better one for you! xo

Casey is now just five weeks away from being out of school for the summer. [Will start back August 9.] Still have Field Day and the spring fair to go! Let us know how your schoolyear wrap-up is looking! Love to all!!


emilie said...

Hey Kerstin!
I'm glad to see that you had a fun Easter and are doing well. Just wanted to say "hey" and I hope I'll see you again sometime soon.