Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Runny Nose

Kerstin stayed home from school today because of a runny nose. No fever, or headache, or stomach ache, just a lot of green stuff coming out. So far, her new ATRA dose seems to be working without giving her some of the problems she has been having in the past few weeks. It's always a bummer to have a head cold with such nice weather.


Sharon Knudsen said...

Hope the "green goo" is gone by this weekend, Kerstin, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Glad you are surviving the lower dose of medicine. :)

Aunt Sandi said...

We're so glad to hear your meds aren't a monster this week! A headcold is just anNOYing compared to that, eh?! The RooneyToons are suffering from snotty noses also. What's on your box of tissue? [We have Captain Hook on one and pink roses on the other -- guess which one belongs to which kid!] ... Here's hoping everyone's back up & running for Sunshine Saturday! :)

Love, love, love - xoxoxoxo