Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hawaii Day 7 - July 17th

On day seven we split up. Jeff wanted to go hike the Diamond Head State Monument and the girls didn't find that appealing. So while Jeff was hiking, the girls went to Hilo Hattie's to do some shopping.

We all met for lunch, then got ready for the luau. The shuttle bus for the luau was supposed to pick us up at 3:30pm, but it didn't arrive until about 4:15pm. That was ok because we started out at the wrong spot to get picked up. (Lots of shuttle buses + lots of pick up points = very confusing) Thanks to rush hour traffic it took about an hour and a half to crawl along the highway to the resort where the luau was being held. Once we got there though, we had a really good time. There were all kinds of "native" Hawaiian activities to do before dinner and the show. Dinner was excellent. They served pork, chicken, fish, and plenty of side dishes. (And it was all-you-can-eat) During the show the girls got to go up on stage and show off their hula skills. It was late by the time we got back to the hotel and we were wiped out from a long day.

Click here for the pictures.


Anonymous said...


Annie, did you leave that Hula Boy behind? We went to our Luau at Paradise Cove...and I remember those hula boys were very attractive. :)

I love seeing all the smiles, it is a beautiful place...I'm happy that you were all able to enjoy your week!

Maholo to Jeff for putting all those picutres on the web for us to see.

Barb DeFreece

Aunt Sandi said...

Dear all,

Really enjoying these pics from your trip. Kinsey & kerstin - you must be sad you missed out climbing those 5,000 stairs with your dad at Diamond Head! The view from the top was sure worth it - what a lovely place to visit.

Carl & Casey think the submarine trip, net fishing and spear-chucking look like a lot of fun; Kenna & I are enjoying your sight-seeing and your lovely flowered wardrobes! :)