Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We can't believe it's been 23 days since our last post. We wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't anyone checking in on Kerstin anymore :) We look at it as a good thing that Kerstin is staying well and there is not much to pass along. And we give thanks for that this Thanksgiving holiday.

Kerstin has been keeping busy. In addition to going to 1st grade, she attends Brownies on every other Tuesday, dance on every Thursday, and mid-week worship every Wednesday. The rest of her time is filled with playing, a little bit of homework, and other miscellaneous little girl stuff.

For the past ten months Kerstin has seen Dr. G for her checkups when he comes to Lincoln. For a change of pace, this Monday we are going to see Dr. G (and everyone else) at the clinic in Omaha. We are looking forward to seeing the other doctors, nurses, and patients that we have not seen for such a long time. It will be nice to get caught up on everyone.

Now that the holidays are back, we should have more pictures to post. So please check back often, and we wish everyone a blessed holiday season.

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Aunt Sandi said...

Funny enough, we were just commenting over the weekend how thankful we are not to be checking the website daily, knowing that Kerstin is healing and happy and busy - and we can reach her by phone almost any old time to catch up and chat. :) What a great "thanks" this Thanksgiving!

Love to all,
The RooneyToons