Sunday, January 21, 2007

American Cancer Society Gala

Last night we attended the American Cancer Society's "Celebration of Hope" Gala. Kerstin was one of the special guests of the event. She and another leukemia survivor got to help out with an auction and a raffle. It was somewhat of a formal event and the whole family got to dress up "real fancy like". Kerstin has been fighting a cold and an ear infection, but was well enough to attend. When we told her that she probably wouldn't be able to go because she was sick, she was so disappointed we think it was sheer will power that she was able to suppress her coughing and runny nose for the evening. We all enjoyed the evening and the opportunity to help out another wonderful organization in the fight against cancer.


Grandpa Gordon & Grandma Joann said...

WOW!!! You are all spiffied up!! Bet you had fun. Love.

Brian and Brenna said...

VERY FANCeeeeeeee!

Was the food all fancy too or just the guests?

Hope they didn't make you work to hard.