Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fun in Arkansas

Just wanted to share a few fun pictures of what we have been up to during Spring Break in Arkansas. It was a nice warm day yesterday, so we had to get out on the lake. No trip would be complete without a ride on Grandpa's boat. Can you believe he let the girls drive??

Kayaking was an adventure. The water was icy cold, but is it possible to kayak without getting wet.

We were also able to spend an afternoon in Springdale, Arkansas at the Jones center. A very generous couple has provided a wonderful facility for families (free!!) complete with ice skating and a pool! What a fun afternoon! Kerstin loved the big yellow waterslide the best! We even got Grandpa Gene out on the ice with us. Thanks for checking on us! Have a blessed day!


Aunt Sandi said...

What a TERRIFIC Spring Break! Bet G&G Gnuse are having a blast as well. :) Give our love to everyone there, and keep posting pics of all those beautiful smiles!


Brian and Brenna said...

We are so jealous of you all in Arkansas.

We wish we were there. Have some extra fun for us too.

Uncle Brian

Aunt Sandi said...

PS, you all get to plan OUR spring break next year! :)