Monday, April 02, 2007

Make-A-Wish Fashion Show

Last Friday night (March 30th) Kerstin and her sister were models in a Make-A-Wish fashion show. The show was organized and put on by two high school girls to raise money for an 8-year old girl who has been fighting brain cancer. The goal was to raise $3500 to send the girl on a Disney cruise. There were approximately 450 guests. Out of all the models, 11 were previous Make-A-Wish recipients including Kerstin. (Click here for the video.)

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Aunt Sandi said...

Who is that bright-eyed covergirl?! You're looking very pretty there ... can't wait to see the video. Kenna will be so jealous! (Bet you all sailed right over that $3500 goal as well!) xoxoxoxo