Sunday, November 20, 2005

Better Safe Than Sorry

Kerstin came in to our bedroom this morning and says, "I don't feel good." Turns out she was running a fever and didn't look very good either. We got ahold of the on-call doctor and she advised us to go to Children's Hospital ER for some blood work. Depending on what the blood work shows, she either goes straight up to 6th floor for admission, or back home. Turns out her ANC is over 1700 (which is great) and everything else looks good as well. They took blood for cultures and we'll know the results tomorrow. By the time we got to Omaha Kerstin's fever was gone and she was feeling better. The doctor says if the fever comes back, give her some Tylenol. So, we feel a little silly getting all the bags packed and driving up to Omaha, but... better safe than sorry. It was a good learning experience. I'm sure there are more ahead of us as we become more educated about the disease and Kerstin's individual signs and symptoms.


Emilie Bouvier said...

Hi Kerstin!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the show last night. Everyone in the cast was so exited that you could come to the show, we worked extra hard to put on a good show for you. I'm glad you liked the camel, it was fun getting to see you after the show. It was pretty funny seeing me be a camel butt, huh? Now that the show is over I'm going to miss being a camel.Sorry you weren't feeling good this morning, I'm glad that you're feeling better and didn't have to stay at the hospital. Keep getting better, we're still praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie and Kerstin! Glad it was a "false alarm"! You are so right that it is better to be safe than sorry! Glad that you did not have to stay in the hospital! (I am sure not as glad that you were!) We went and saw Chicken Little today! You all might have to do a "field trip" to go and see it! It is so cute! Abby loved the music. We are thinking and praying for you all! Continue getting better Miss Kerstin!
Kristi and Abby

mrsswiatek said...

I am sorry to hear that you had to make a trip to Omaha, but better safe than sorry is a for sure saying!!! I am soooooo happy you are home!!!! When you feel like company and need a good treat to eat, let me know and I will stop by to see you! Take care of yourself and get well soon!! Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Aunt Sandi said...

We sure are glad you're back home tonight! And it looks from the pics like no one's happier than Kinsey. :) Sounds like -- aside from your "road trip" -- you had a neat weekend.

You girls keep on doin' what you do, and we'll keep you all in our prayers. xoxoxoxo

Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

Hi Sweetie, Glad to hear your trip to Omaha "just a ride". Take care not to get too tired and get better. What good things have you had to eat? Love.