Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Home School'n

Just because Annie and Kerstin aren't at school, doesn't mean they aren't teaching and learning. In the hospital Kerstin got 45 minutes of school time M-Th. We are planning on doing at least that much when she is home. Posted by Picasa


Emilie Bouvier said...

Hi Kerstin!
Good for you keeping up on your school work! I've had a lot of homework to do too lately. It can be a bummer to do sometimes but it really pays off- just think of how smart you're getting. I bet it is nice getting to spend lots of time with your mom and the rest of your family. By the way I LOVE your your fuzzy hats, they're so cute! Love and Prayers,

Jill Johnson said...


Great hat, I just want to touch it! I know summers at home with mom the teacher is great, but you have found out what she will do staying home during the school year. I think the girls should have a hat parade for the nurses the next time we are all there. Abby has some great ones too! Lauren and Jon are at Children's now as Lauren had a reaction to some platelets yesterday, but hope to come home tomorrow. You have a great Thanksgiving at home!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are home and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your mom, Dad, and Kinsey. Our prayers for you continue. We haven't sent a joke in a while so here you go:
Why are Teddy Bears never hungry?

Take care!
The Toalsons, Brent, Colleen, Alex, and Ben

mrsswiatek said...

Keep up the great school work!! I can't wait for the day when you are doing it in my room again! We were talking about celebrations today in class and we all decided we can't wait to celebrate your return to our room!! We have a new student starting in December, her name is Gillian. Other than that, things are pretty much the same. The kids can't wait to sell ring pops next week and donate the profits to you!! I will be gone over the holiday so I am sending my Happy Thankgiving greeting to you today!! I am so thankful you are getting well!!!! Eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!! I hope to see your mom or dad tomorrow to watch the Charlie Brown video with us if it works out for them. Take care!!! Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Aunt Sandi said...

Geez, Kerstin,

Cookies ... Puppies .. Even your homework looks fun! :) Your mom's a good teacher - bet you have to go up two grades when you're back to school!

PS, thanks for having this blog - we love being able to see your smile each day ... and Kenna 'borrowed' your teddy bear joke for preschool this morning!


Chris said...

Greetings Kerstin!

I have yet to meet you in person, but I've played music with your dad and mom in the Sheridan Praise band. I was surfing your blog and I ran across the Star Wars photos. I'm a huge Star Wars fan so I'm jealous of your stormtrooper visitors! That's too cool! Anyway, I wanted to let you know that my wife Keri, my son Harrison and I are praying for you and we hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!