Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Round 2

Kerstin is back in the hospital for her second cycle of chemo. She started the day off with a bone marrow biopsy and then up to the 6th floor for more pampering by the staff. The plan as of now is to be discharged tomorrow night. Two days and one night sounds much better than three weeks.


Pastor Greg said...


Hurray for a short stay in the hospital. Even if it is only a short stay, you certainly are brave! I keep praying that the chemo will take away all of the bad leukemia cells in your body. I'm thinking we will hear good things about your bone marrow!

It is Tuesday evening and I'm missing you and McKinsey here at church. It is always so fun to watch you two flopping all over each other while your mom sings. I'm sure it won't be long until you once again being the usual "church mouse" you are here at Sheridan.

Say hello to your family for me!

Pastor Greg

Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

Wow, you are looking chipper! Were you excited to get hooked up with the anchor again? I bet Mom's excited to listen to it beep all night long and wake her up. I hope the roads were OK to drive on. We had 2 snow days here in GI. Can you believe it? Get all the pampering you can in Omaha because back home you're the servant again!

Brian and Brenna said...

We will hope all goes as planned for heading home on time.

I came home after being stranded in Kearney for 2 nights to a HUGE snowdrift in my driveway. Man would you girls have fun jumping around in it. Hopefully it will be gone soon so we can have our driveway back.

We are thinking about you little missy.

Brian and Brenna

mrsswiatek said...

Hi Kerstin,
I met your homebound teacher today. I think you will like him and have fun learning with him. I hope your stay in the hospital is short and sweet! As always you will be in our thoughts and prayers! Your classmates are very excited to sell Ring Pops tomorrow to help with expenses. I hope we sell a ton!!!! Everyone was very quiet and interested in the Charlie Brown video we showed in class last week. Your mom and dad did a great job of answering everyone's questions!!!! We sure do miss seeing you in person!! I best get the last of my kids to bed. Take care sweetie and get home again soon!!!!! Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Anonymous said...

Hi Little Miss! Sorry that Abby and I did not make it up to see you today! We have been so busy PACKING! We were both pretty disappointed! Abby is asking me again when your birthday is! It seems to be VERY important for her to find this information out! Nosy, isn't she!? We actually have to come to Lincoln next week to see a Dr there! I told Abby we will have to look around for a street with a bunch of pink ribbons! I am so GLAD that you are only staying one night! Make sure you tell the nurses HI from us! We miss you!
Abby and Kristi

The Baginski's said...

Kerstin, We are sure glad you only have to stay one night this time. Soon you'll be back home in your own bed. We love to see that wonderful smile on your face. We are praying for you each day that you will recover soon and stay in good health. Hope to see you soon. Love The Baginski's

Anonymous said...


We are thankful that your stay at the hospital will be brief. You and your family are constantly in our prayers. Our Christmas wish is for you to be well.

Take care and we'll post a new joke soon.

The Toalson Family

P.S. I'm glad your Uncle Brian got home safely after being stranded for two days in Kearney. I hope the mound of snow in his driveway wasn't too big.