Friday, January 06, 2006

Tea In The New Basement

The basement is really looking nice. Kerstin and McKinsey posed in their new play area.
Kerstin had a much better day today. She took all of her meds like a champ and had pleanty of energy to play all day long. She even got to spend a few hours with one of her special friends, Jenny, while Jeff and Annie went to donate blood. Even though her counts are dropping as expected, we are hoping that she has turned the corner from her last cycle of chemo and it's nothing but up hill from here. Please keep her in your prayers as we continue to witness God's grace and power on our family. Posted by Picasa


Jeanne Schroeder said...

Kerstin, we are so excited for you! I hope you only keep feeling better and better now. Glad you are enjoying the "new" basement. That just makes me so happy that you have a fun, bright place to hang out. Give your mom a hug from me!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Moonboots!!!! Think I saw Kerstin riding her bike today?! I hope so! That would mean you were feeling a lot better!

Glad you are feeling better!

Darla Sutter

Jennifer said...

I had so much fun with you Kerstin! I hope that I get to see you and McKinsey again soon. I get to go back to school today. I have to keep learning so that I can be as smart as you and your sister! :D Keep feeling better, and I will keep praying for you and your family. God sure does know how to take care of people! :)

Brian and Brenna said...

Kinsey and Kerstin,

Did you put sugar in your tea?

We just got the bed put together that we got from you. They look good in our guest room.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin,
I'm glad you were feeling well enough to go to church today. Tell mommy she sang beautiful this morning! I started crying when she started singing, then I started crying when she started crying. Must have been a mom thing! Tell her to rest up so we can hear her again soon!
Hugs and prayers to all of you!
Julie Anderson

Colleen, Brent, and the boys said...

We pray that you continue to feel better. We are sorry you had a couple rough nights. Know that God is watching over you and will keep you in his arms while you are healing.
We're glad you and McKinsey are able to enjoy that awesome new basement.
Take care and have a great week. We were so glad to see your entire family at church today. Give mom a high five for her awesome performance at church. It was beautiful. The Toalson Family

Aunt Sandi said...

Monday morning: Kerstin, Know you're headed for labs today, and we KNOW there'll be nothing but good news! Talked to your dad yesterday -- sounded like a fun, busy weekend at your place. :) Did mention to him the idea of a web-chat this week, so when you girls are in the mood -- and if you can tear yourselves away from that way cool new basement!!! -- let him know; we'll turn our webcam on and goof together awhile! :) Praying that you only feel BETTER and BETTER each day ... Love you all - xoxoxoxo

Grandma & Grandpa Gnuse said...

Kerstin and McKinsey, So glad to see you enjoying a tea party in your new bright and pretty basement. Tea parties are great! We are happy to hear you are feeling better. We check up on you every day, sometimes two or three times just in case something has been added. Tell your Mom and Dad they are doing a fantastic job keeping everyone up to date on Kerstin's connection. Hugs and kisses. Grandpa Gene and Grandma Clarice