Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brownie Fun

McKinsey's Brownie troop got to celebrate a successful cookie sale by going to Paint Yourself Silly today. Kerstin and Annie got to got along to help supervise. This is a wonderful and generous troop. This group of girls sold popcorn for Kerstin a few months ago. We want to say a big "Thank you" to them for their kindness and generosity.

Kerstin continues to feel well and has been having a great time at school. She got to go to the lab at St. E's today for a finger poke(not fun in her book). Her ANC is 1558, right where they want it to be. Her hemoglobin and platelets were just fine, too. She will be able to continue with the same doses of her medicines she is currently taking.

Kerstin's friend, Abby is out of the hospital, but now has RSV. Another friend of ours from Children's, Hannah, is having surgery tomorrow to rid her body of her tumor. They are two very special little girls. Please add them to your prayers and visit their websites if you can. Tell them Kerstin sent you. and . Thanks for your words of hope and encouragment. Posted by Picasa


Sharon Knudsen said...

What a fun picture of the Brownie Troop! We are so glad you are having fun at school. Finger pokes are no fun, but look at the good news you get from them. Your are getting healthy!!

Hannah was not able to have surgery today as her white counts fell from yesterday. We'll try again next week!

Have a good weekend!

Love, the Knudsens

Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin and McKinsey, Bet y'all had a blast painting yourselves silly! What a great bunch of smiles, and what a neat Brownie troop. Good job on the cookie sales! That was always the hardest part of Girl Scouts for me, but the rewards were worth the effort. :) Sorry to hear that Hannah has to wait for her surgery, but we know that God is watching out for her. Keeping her in our prayers. And SO grateful you're having such good days yourself lately! xoxoxoxo

Jeanne Schroeder said...

So glad that you are all doing well! We are glad you are all doing these fun things and have such great friends!

Will say prayers for your friends as well as your family. Enjoy your weekend to rest!

The Schroeders