Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Sunday!

Today was a Super Fun day (not just because of the football game!) Kerstin, McKinsey, and Annie got to go to Omaha for Abby's birthday party at Build-A-Bear. It was fun to see Hannah, Elissa, and Emma, too. It took Kerstin a while to get rid of a case of the "shy's", but we all had a very nice time. Thank you Bridgewaters, and Happy Birthday, Abby!

We were also able to visit our friends the Holsteins while we were in Omaha. Joshua, Jonah and the girls had lots of fun playing and even put on a little music show (with dinner, of course!) Thank you Holstein family!

It's back to school for all of us tomorrow. Have a super week! Keep all of our friends in your prayers, especially Hannah as she will have surgery on the 10th.


Erica said...

Leafs -

I wish you all the best on your first big week back to school and work. I loved to see the big smiles in the latest pictures you posted.

Love to you all and KEEP SMILING! You have been so blessed!

Love -

jessi&baylee said...

we love build a bear too we hope you had a fun time at the party, looks like
you did

p.s we are in your moms class!!!

p.s.s welcome back mrs. leaf

Aunt Sandi said...

How much fun can you girls have?!! :) Build A Bear is one of our favorite places - Casey has his dalmation, and I SUPPOSE it's time for Kenna get a friend as well! Sounds like a good birthday gift for this summer ... Looks like Abby was having a great party. You girls always look so happy together!

I know getting back to school is probably pretty tiring, but sure your folks are helping you take it easy, and bet Kinsey's happy to have you "back in the neighborhood".

Have a great week, all! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Leaf's! Just a quick note to say hi and let you know we thought about you all today having fun at school! I am going to have to try and think of some way to get Miss Abby some PE classes! She does not want to go to bed at night, and I know she is tired. She needs to get rid of some of that 8 year old energy! How was school today Annie? I bet your class was so GLAD to see you! We are having so much fun playing Bridgewater Cafe! It has filled up many hours!
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater

Sharon Knudsen said...

So you made a little dinner music for your parents. That was nice of you!

Hope you are enjoying your first full week back in school. Do you suppose we might get a little snow by tomorrow?

Hannah did her valentines tonight, and we made cookies for when we are in the hospital. Have you and McKenzie gotten your valentines yet? Hannah's cards are puppies and kitties--no surprise there! Have a great week!