Sunday, March 12, 2006

Birthday Party

Kerstin and her sister had a combined birthday party this year, and this year they decided they wanted to have a movie theater party. They each got to invite five friends. The girls had ice cream and Barbie cake, opened presents, got a tour of the theater projection room, and then watched the movie "The Shaggy Dog". In addition to personal presents, each girl brought something to donate to the Children's Hospital arts and crafts room. (Thank you again everyone.)

Unfortunately, one of the invited girls was unable to make it to the party. Abby's ( counts were not high enough for her to be able to join us at the theater. However, we were able to meet up with her and her mom for a quick present exchange while they were on their way back to Omaha.

To see all of the pictures from the day, click on the title "Birthday Party".


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was so glad to see you taday! I'm so glad that you liked your presttents! I don't help pick out MiKensy! I picked out Kerston's gift! I thout about a diffent gift then the kitty with the sckarf,But I thout that it whent with the theem! So I picked it. I can't say anything about MiKensy's prestent! It was so hard to chace Kerstin's prestent! I love my FAT ALBERT poster!! HAY HAY HAY!!!! That is from FAT ALBET! He saya that all the time!
I have to go write Thank you cards! BORING BORING!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls!
That looked like an awesome party with great friends! McKinsey, is your birthday in March too? All the girls in our family have March birthdays. Adrienne and Elise are 1 day apart....well, 11 years and 1 day.

It's almost Spring Break! Are you doing anything special? We're going to snowy Minnesota to celebrate Adrienne's 13th birthday at the Mall of America. We'll have to dig our boots and snowpants out as they are getting 6-10 inches of snow tonight and the temps aren't expected to get above freezing.

Have a great week- those smiles were great!
Hugs and prayers,
Julie Anderson

Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

WOW!! What a fun day you girls had. Getting to see "behind the scenes" at the theatre was neat. Good friends always make the day. We pray that Abby will soon be going strong again. Love.

Jill Johnson said...

Kirsten and McKinsey, What a great way to celebrate your birthdays. It is good to see that you are having so much fun! I also know that the kids at Children's will love your craft items that your frinds gave. That is so kind.

Aunt Sandi said...

Dear Kerstin & McKinsey,

What a terrific party it looks like you had this last weekend! Casey & Kenna (and Uncle Carl & I!) were thinking of you. Bet the visit to the projection room was way cool -- I've never gotten to do that. Was the party room AT the movie theater? Your folks know ALL the cool spots! :)

Happy, happy birthdayS with much love and many kisses from Florida! xoxoxoxo

Sharon Knudsen said...

McKensie and Kerstin: Your birthday party sounds like a lot of fun! Did your mom make the cake? She must be getting good at those doll cakes by now. Hope you are having a good week. We think about you often. Did your nose itch on Monday? I was telling someone about you! :)

Brian and Brenna said...

I was a little sad to not see Barbie's little cousin there. I was sure the masterpiece would have made the trip to the theatre too.

Or... did she get ate before you could take her? Just curious.

Sorry we could not stay for the party. It looked like fun. Brenna REALLY wants to see the movie too.

See ya soon.


Anonymous said...

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