Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sick Again

Kerstin got nauseated today and vomited several times, so she missed another day of school. We can kind of see a pattern now with her medications and her getting sick. One of the meds she takes only every other week, and it seems about half way through that week she starts to get sick to her stomach. We called the clinic and talked it over. The called in a prescription of Zofran to the pharmacy. That seems to be the trick. Kerstin will now take the Zofran during her every other week of ATRA.

After the Zofran, a really long nap, and some supper, she was even feeling good enough to go to the ballet (Snow White) for which we had tickets for.


Sharon Knudsen said...

Sorry that you were sick, Kerstin. Hannah got sick a few days after her last round of chemo too, and Zofran did the trick for her. We just gave it to her in the morning before school and she felt fine all day and did not miss school again. Which reminds me, I'd better see if we have some on hand for next week! Hope you are feeling better. Did you love "Snow White?"

Brian and Brenna said...

Well I hope you felt better this weekend.

Being sick is no fun. Thanks heavens you are one tough little girl.

We can't wait to see you next weekend.

I hope this week brings a nice calm tummy.
B and B