Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Kerstin's hair is really starting to come back in. Not quite enough to use any hair accessories, but it's getting there.


Jon Johnson said...

Hi Kerstin:

Love seeing that hair coming in. Looks like you will be combing it very soon. Hope you are enjoying your normal routine again. I'm sure you are. Take care. The J's.

emilie said...

Hey Leaf family!
Thanks for the card! You guys are so sweet, I feel so blessed to have you as friends!
This post entitled "Hair" is much better than the first one posted back in november, it's great that hair is now a blessing not a pain.

Deonne Bruning said...

Saw you at school today Kerstin. Loved that purple hat you had on! Before long, you're not going to be wearing those anymore... unless of course, it's to look 'too cool for school!'
Deonne Bruning

Jeanne Schroeder said...

SWWWWWEEEEEEETTTT! I believe that is the term my HIP kids would use for your great looking head of hair. Stay healthy...we still pray for you all.

Jeanne Schroeder

Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin, you rock! Our friend Miss Donna's hair is growing back, too. She has just enough bangs for Kenna to put her itty-bitty [not even 1"] barrettes in during Cub Scout meetings. :) Hair accessories will come in time. For now, we're just SO GRATEFUL for the KID in the cool hats!!! Love, love, love - the RooneyToons