Sunday, March 05, 2006

Feeling better

We just wanted to let everyone know that Kerstin has felt much better the last two days. We are not sure whether she caught some sort of "bug" or whether it was the side effects of her medicines that were making her feel yucky. We will start her back on her meds tomorrow and hope for the best. We had a nice weekend hanging out a home. Annie and the girls even did a little bit of clothes shopping on Saturday. All of McKinsey's jeans have holes in the knees. I guess that is the new style??? Kerstin is looking forward to going back to school and gymnastics tomorrow. Thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers.


Emilie said...

Hey Kerstin!
I'm glad to see that your doing well and I hope that it isn't your meds that are the problem- that's always hard to deal with. Just wanted to say Hi, it's been fun being able to see you at church more often and I'm sure next time I see you, you'll be styling with your sister in your new clothes!

Aunt Sandi said...

Glad you're feeling better, sweetie. We've been thinking sunshine energy your way! :)

As for the holes in the jeans knees ... in the NEW jeans? I thought the '70s were over! -ha.

You girls and your folks have a good rest-of-the-week there! xoxoxoxo

Sharon Knudsen said...

Hey, Kerstin! Are you going to school this week? Hope you are doing well. We think about you often and hope you are enjoying kindergarten!