Friday, March 03, 2006

Home Sick Again

Kerstin stayed home sick again today. She was lethargic, no appetite, and just didn't look good. The about mid-morning she got sick to her stomach. She was not happy about missing another day of school, but we knew we had to keep her home. We contacted the clinic about her nausea (and four day headache). They advised us to take her off her meds for a few days to see if that helps. It all seems like trial and error. After a long nap she seemed to feel a lot better. She even ate TWO pieces of pizza for supper and looks to have plenty of energy. We're ready for the weekend and some R and R.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin,
Sorry to hear you had to miss school again. It must be frustrating to not know if you just have the flu like everyone else, or if it's something different. Regardless, it's no fun to feel sick! I'm glad you felt better tonight and we'll pray that it was just a bug and you'll be over it soon. I don't think I know any kid who doesn't get worn out after birthday fun either... so rest up this weekend so you can go back to your friends at school!
Hugs and prayers-
Julie Anderson

Brian and Brenna said...


Dang nabbitt!!!

I pray you start feeling better so you can head back to school. The kids surely miss the cute little girl with the wonderful hats.

Being sick just stinks! Hopefully you can have a relaxing weekend with only a few dozen proms/plays/ and dancing displays.

See you soon ladies(and Jeff).

Brian and Brenna

Sharon Knudsen said...

Kerstin: I could not get into your site last night, but I was thinking about you. I am so sorry you are sick. That's a BUMMER! Hope you are feeling better very soon. We are hoping to get Hannah out of the hospital tomorrow. She'd like to go to school, too! Hang in there, sweetie!

Aunt Sandi said...


We're hoping you're rested up and back up 'n' at 'em with the start of the new week. At least you've got people taking care of you: When I lost my voice last week, I still had to go to work AND my boss sent out an email for people to call and make fun of me answering the phone. "Croak, croak!" She said I sounded like a crabby frog. :)

Take care there, and feel better! xoxoxoxo

Gordon and Joann said...

Hi Sweetie.. It's been kinda crazy here and didn't see that you'd been under the weather.Hope you're feeling rested and ready for school in the morning. Birthdays are a lot of fun but a person does wear out. Grandma can help you dance now, she got to toss her walking boot so save a dance with that jazzy new guitar. Take care, love you. g/g