Sunday, May 07, 2006


Annie's cousin, Steve, got married in Kearney this weekend. Grandma Clarice and Papa Gene picked up Annie and the girls (unfortunately Jeff had to stay in Lincoln to work) after school on Friday, and we stayed the night in Holdrege with Uncle Brian and Brenna. The girls had a great time playing together. They had plenty of time to jump on the trampoline and dance on Friday night and Saturday morning. We were even able to celebrate Brenna's 10th birthday! It was fun to see all of Annie's aunts, uncles and cousins at the wedding on Saturday. We stayed overnight at a hotel in Kearney. The girls and grown-ups all had a great time swimming in the pool. On Sunday morning we visited Uncle Richard and Aunt Kay (and Brenna's chick, Softie) at their home in Kearney. You can check out my sister's blog for a cute chick picture. See links at the top left of this site - McKinsey's corner. All in all, it was a fun, but exhausting weekend. Kerstin felt really great all weekend, but was quite tired on Sunday. She was able to sleep most of the way home. Thanks for checking on us and for your prayers!


Aunt Sandi said...

How much fun can you girls have, anyway?!! You sure got a lot accomplished in a very short time. Sounds -- and looks! -- like the weekend was a blast. kerstin, what a lovely dress you wore to the wedding!

We're praying for a smooth week for you, way low on the aches & pains and way high on the springtime fun list! xoxoxoxo

sharon knudsen said...

Great to hear that Kerstin is feeling good. She looks GREAT! Love all that hair! Hope this is a good week too!