Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gold Star Banquet

We attended the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools Gold Star Banquet tonight where Kerstin was one of many honorees. Kerstin's principal (shown on the left) nominated her for the award and wrote this on the nomination application: "Bravery is defined as extreme courage in the face of difficulty. Rousseau kindergartener Kerstin Leaf deserves a gold star for demonstrating such bravery. This bright-eyed five year old has shown fierce determination in her battle with leukemia. Despite her illness, Kerstin has been able to keep up on her kindergarten schoolwork, has passed all assessments with flying colors, and is back with her friends and classmates at Rousseau School. She has taught us all what it's like to live courageously." Kerstin received a medal and a certificate.

Also pictured is one of the outstanding para-professionals at Rousseau who was also honored at the banquet.


Sharon Knudsen said...

Wow, Kerstin, what a neat honor for you. I bet you felt proud when you got your medal. I am proud of you, too! Hope you are enjoying a headache-free week!! You look so beautiful in your picture! OX

Emilie said...

Hey Kerstin!
You've been getting all sorts of medals recently! Your principal sure is right, you are such an amazing girl and have been so brave! I'm so proud of you! Never forget how special you are : )

Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin, Every word on that certificate is how we all feel about you everyday. Along with how much we love, love, LOVE you, we RooneyToons are so proud of you as you face each new day on this journey.

Congratulations on your honors, and hugs, hugs, HUGS!!!


Erica said...

WOW! Two medals in one week! I am SO very proud of you, Kerstin. Everything that your principal wrote is true! You have been so brave and have carried through with grace.


Love, Erica

Brian and Brenna said...

AWESOME Kerstin.

I am really getting to have a famous niece.

I better get your autograph before you start charging for them.

Display your metals with pride... you earned them little lady.


Don Gray said...

Congratulations Kerstin. What a deserving award for an amazing young lady. You continue to inspire all of us in Team In Training.

Keep up the great work at school and we will keep up our training for Lake Tahoe.

Coach Don