Monday, May 01, 2006

Books and Beyond

Kerstin woke up this morning and declared that nothing was hurting! She felt just "perfect"! Praise God! We are so glad to have our joyful child back! She missed an awards assembly on Friday, so Mrs. Braun, the principal, came in to her class today to present her and another friend with their medals. Rousseau has this great program called Books and Beyond where the students read books and write them down. For the kindergarteners they have to record 15 books per sheet. Any student that filled at least 5 sheets in the 6 week period got a medal, a certificate, and a new book. Kerstin was thrilled to get her "first medal ever"!

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Aunt Sandi said...

What a terrific May Day surprise! We're very proud of you and all your hard work - though we know that reading is more fun that work for all you kids. :) A very cool medal. xo

AND we're SO happy you're feeling better. Our prayers are always with you!