Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Kerstin, McKinsey, and Annie spent a rainy Sunday making May Day baskets. It was all worth it when the girls got to deliver the goodies this evening. They were ready for a speedy get-a-way on their scooters. They did get caught once, but not kissed! Ha!


Jon Cox said...

Oh wow!!
AWESOME BLOG!!! I wish you the very BEST in all that you do! :o)

Brian and Brenna said...

Good job on the May Baskets... I totally forgot about the kissing part. eeeewwwwww! Good thing you didn't get caught.

Kerstin... I am so glad you are feeling better. Let's pray things keep going well.

See you this weekend.


emilie said...

I'm glad to see that your doing better and had lots of fun on May Day! Those new scooters come in handy, don't they? Hey, and congrats on your "first meadal ever" what a dilligent little reader- that's a lot of books! : )

Aunt Sandi said...

We had to educate our neighborhood on the May basket thing this year ... seems these Southerners have never heard of our fabulous [apparently midwestern] tradition of chase & kiss! Gave them a 'freebie' this year, but next year we expect a couple good runs!!! Gumdrops are a great way to get people involved. :) We, however, did not have so fancy a delivery system set up. As I said before, y'all are STYLIN' on those new scooters! xoxoxoxo