Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No More Training Wheels

Kerstin reached another mile stone today: no more training wheels. We have tried a couple of times this summer without success. She didn't really even want to try today, but we "convinced" her to. Her mom had to hold her up the first couple of attempts, then dad took over. After five feet of holding on to her, he let go and Kerstin didn't even realize it. For about 30 yards all Kerstin could say was, "I can't do it, I can't do it." Her dad who was walking three feet to her side finally said, "But you are doing it." After that there was no stopping her. (Except for one minor crash.) We can finally get rid of her junky little "training" bike and she can ride her new bike full time now. (Click on the title "No More Training Wheels" for more pictures.)


Lori Holstein said...

Congratulations, Kerstin! That is so cool you can ride your bike without training wheels! I remember when I learned how to ride without training wheels. I was about your age! It's a neat thing! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yay Kerstin!!! Now you can work on keeping up with McKensey, and then you'll be ready to ride the trails with Adrienne and Eliot!! Last year they worked up to riding to Star City Shores by themselves. So while Elise was taking her nap, they could go to the pool and I didn't have to be in two places at once. This year they can ride to Culvers on 14th and Old Cheney for ice cream- yum! Of course, you and McKensey probably have a couple of years before mom will let you do that :)
Hugs and prayers-
Julie Anderson

Sharon Knudsen said...

Yea, Kerstin!!!! That summer between kindergarten and first grade is the year for a lot of kids. Tbat's when Hannah learned to ride without training wheels. You go girl--you are awesome!!!

Aunt Sandi said...

YEA, KERSTIN! What fun you'll have breezin' along. If I remember correctly, when your dad learned to ride his bike, he took off much the same way: thinking Grandpa was back there hanging on while in fact Grandpa was standing waaaay back there watching "Jeffy" pedal on like a pro!!! :) And of course your dad had his tongue stuck out on his top lip like he always did when concentrating ...

Taking off on two wheels is one of the best memories EVER. Enjoy the accomplishment, and enjoy the many bike rides to come! PS, posting your two-wheelin' pic as inspiration for Kenna; "Nervous Nelly" still walks her bike with training wheels down the drive and off the sidewalk to cross streets. :)

Pat Polly said...

Hi, Kerstin, It looks like you are having a great summer. I know you have also been helping your mom because I saw you at school the other day when I was working there. (Is she getting her moving done? I hope she isn't making you work too hard!) Keep having fun times. I like looking at the photos to see what you have been doing.


Brian and Brenna said...

Awesome Kerstin,

I remember the Day Brenna ditched her training wheels. I don't remember a time she was more proud... me eith for that matter.

It is so much fun to ride. It is a bit of kid Freedom.

Your Mom and Uncle Jay and I rode bikes all over Arlington. Errands... the pool, ball games, practices... you name it.

I can't wait to see you ride in person.

B and B

Mike from Omaha said...

GREAT JOB KERSTIN! Before long you'll be able to join our Team In Training cycle team.

Keep praticing. Be safe.