Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Kerstin and her family participated in the Father's Day Trail Trek. There was a 5, 12, and 24 mile routes. 5 miles was good enough for us this year. After the ride there was a picnic and fun stuff to do at Antelope park. (For more pictures click on the title "Father's Day".)


Aunt Sandi said...

Kerstin, You all have certainly been busy! I hope that pesky cough has let up by now - swimming lessons would be a lot easier without it, I'd bet. :) Thinking of you as we get caught up here ... Our vacation was a lot of fun, and now we're getting excited for you girls and your own big airplane trip!!! xoxoxoxo

Brian and Brenna said...

5 miles... that is a long way for little legs... What am I saying? that is a long way for longer legs.

Nice work.

Brenna got me an Ice Cream cake too. It was delicious.

Uncle Brian

Sharon Knudsen said...

Sounds like the Leaf family has been busy also! Lots of fun activities. Hannah LOVES the water and will swim in whatever she can. Hope you found a great pool to swim in as often as you can! We go 3-4 times a week! :)