Saturday, June 17, 2006


Just thought we had better give an update. Kerstin actually is fighting a cough/cold this week. She woke up Tuesday morning sounding "croupy". We had a nice visit to her pediatrician who assured us it is just a virus. The cough is hanging on, but she is hanging in there. I can tell that it has made her a bit more tired than usual.

We have been busy with swim team for McKinsey and swimming lessons for Kerstin started this week. We LOVE the pool!

Today we had a lot of fun things to do. We started off by getting to go see the new movie "Cars" courtesy of our insurance agent. Thanks, Chuck! What a fun movie! We also brought some things to a garage sale at a friend's house where the girls had fun selling treats. Next, we drove to Omaha for a Team in Training event. The Tahoe century bike riders got together for their pool and picture party. (The picture above is from that event today - Kerstin swam quite a bit, but found some time to "hang out" next to the pool and make our friend Darren play silly games :) It was fun to see the riders and coaches again. We also got to meet the other honored patient, Rachel and her family. What wonderful people! Coach Mike made an awesome video of the event. We continue to be amazed and inspired by all the wonderful people out there who work so hard to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society! We know that they are really making a difference for kids like Kerstin. (Click the title "Update" for more TNT party pictures.)

Thanks for checking on us! Have a Happy Father's Day all of you Dad's out there tomorrow!!! Annie


Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

Hi, Kerstin. We know those summer colds are no fun... hope it's on it's way out. And bet you all enjoyed that movie. It's on our list, too. Love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerstin,
I saw you guys on the bike trail this morning! Why didn't daddy have a yellow shirt on? Tell mommy that Adrienne, Eliot, Elise and I use the trail everyday so if you and McKenzie ever want to meet up and ride with them let us know! Adrienne and Eliot just finished their swimming lessons and Eliot had baseball camp last week. Eliot just got accepted into the Lincoln Boys choir. He is so excited! When I get the schedule I'll let you know when you can come and hear them sing. Also, Adrienne and her friend Sophia are going to be the featured artists for Songwriters Night at Crescent Moon coffeehouse (In the Haymarket) on Thursday, June 29th. They play from 7-8pm -so if you're looking for something to do come and enjoy the show!
Have a great week swimming!
Hugs and prayers-
Julie Anderson

Grandma & Grandpa Gnuse said...

Hi Kerstin
I just brought up the pictures of the bike ride. That looked like you had a fun time. Glad to here things are going well at the Leaf household. I'll bet your starting to get excited about your upcoming trip.
Catch you again later. Love ya all.

Mike from Omaha said...

Hi Kerstin,
Thank you for coming to our Team In Training party in Omaha. We had a lot of fun swimming and visiting with you, your sister and mom. My cycling team was very glad to see you again.

Have a fun weekend. I'm going to Philadelphia to compete in a triathlon with Team In Training.

You are my inspiration. Stay strong and healthy.

-Coach Mike