Thursday, July 13, 2006

Checking Back on the Previous Posts

Just FYI, we are planning to go back and add links to all the Hawaii posts where you can see a lot more pictures. For now, we wanted to get a few single pictures up on the site. Once we get a chance to sit down, sort through all the pictures, and get them uploaded we'll let you know. Thanks and God bless.


Aunt Sandi said...

Dear All,

Thanks for including us on your getaway. It's a special treat to have this virtual vacation! :) We love you all -

The RooneyToons

Anonymous said...

WOW, Kerstin and Leaf family! You look as if you are having SO much fun! I hope you took a picture of a pineapple plant! We are so glad that you are having a GREAT time and that Kerstin is doing so well!
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater

Jeanne Schroeder said...

You know, this is fantastic you are sharing. I'm not too fond of flying, esp over water. And we got Husker football tickets instead of a family vacation this summer. So thanks for sharing and taking us all along.

I hope you learn some Hawaiian dances and get some cute little grass skirts...mommy and daddy, too. Bet daddy has great legs for a grass skirt! :}

Come swimming in our pool when you get home!

Jeanne Schroeder