Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A visit from Abby!

We had 2 special visitors at our house today, Abby and Kristi! Kerstin met Abby at Children's Hospital when we were there in October/November. They became fast friends and had a lot of fun together at the hospital. One of the best things Abby taught Kerstin was how to shoot water at the nurses with syringes. It was so nice to see Abby and her Mom today when they were in town for a doctor visit. They even brought us lunch and stayed to play and chat a bit. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends, old and new! Posted by Picasa


Sonia Harford said...

Hello, Kerstin.

It's so nice to see a great picture of you and Abby here. I'm Lauren Johnson's aunt and I kind of met you/hollered up to you and your mom at Joseph, remember? Well I love your hats and sweet smiles. You two girls are so special. Keep warm and we'll keep praying for both you and Abby.

Sonia Harford

Aunt Sandi said...

Such happy smiles! What precious elves. :) xoxoxoxo

Pat Polly said...


Those smiles you and Abby have are great. How much fun it must have been to have Abby came to visit you! Isn't it wonderful to have good friends like that?

I'm thinking of you and your friends from Children's.

Pat P.