Friday, March 24, 2006

Back Home

No exciting pictures for this post. (Unless you wanted to see the piles of dirty laundry from the trip.) We made it back home this afternoon. Kerstin is feeling pretty good. We had our fingers crossed the whole trip hoping that she would stay healthy. It was also nice Kerstin had her "easy" medicine week while we were on the road. We're hoping our new game plan for the "hard" medicine week works next week to keep her from getting sick to her stomach.

Thanks for the prayers, and please keep all those who couldn't enjoy spring break away from the hospital/clinic in your prayers as well.

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Sharon Knudsen said...

I hadn't had a chance to visit your website for a while, but WOW, what fun pictures and story. Sounds like you had a blast in Minnesota. You did miss some good snowstorm weather, no doubt, but it sounds like you weren't too sad about that. Praying for a good week next week. LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR, KERSTIN!! Have a good weekend!