Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ice Skating

Kerstin and her sister got to strap on ice skates for the first time today. Both of the girls have been roller skating before, but they soon found out it's a lot different on the ice. We only lasted for about 45 minutes (which was long enough). The rest of the day was spent napping, going to the IKEA store, eating, and swimming. Tomorrow it's back to Nebraska.

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Aunt Sandi said...

How much fun can one family have??!!! :) It looks like the best spring break EVER ... We Rooneytoons may have to give Minneapolis a shot sometime, now that you Lincoln Leafs know all the cool places to hang out!

If it's any consolation, your cold weather has pushed far enough south that it may only be 63 degrees here on Saturday! Brr! [And yes, we're digging out the sweaters again cuz we've got an all-day outdoor-day with the boy scouts scheduled.]

Have a safe trip home, and we're glad you're all having so much fun! xoxoxoxo