Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Flower Show

We took the "light rail" train to downtown Minneapolis just to check things out. While we were there we went to Marshall Fields to see the infamous flower show. (Click on the title "Flower Show" to see more pictures.)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Leafs! MN Leafs?! It's been quite a while, and I am still thinking of you all and wishing you well. The girls may not remember me very much, but McKinzey probably remembers Halle! The girls look the same, but bigger!! I'm glad things are going well as can be for Kerstin and all of you. We've been in Mpls. now for a year and 1/2. It took me about 9 months to adjust, and I like it now. Haven't been to Marshall Fields downtown though! Haven't been out near as much as I would like to. But, it is quite the city. We are, however, considering moving home to Sioux Falls... out of car business..? It's unfortunate that we also have some problems in our life right now. Prayer always helps. Hope to see you sometime in Lincoln. I still like/miss that city, as I hold it dear.

That nausea must be awful for a little girl. I also took Zofran for my nausea during 2 months of my twins pregnancy! I was so very sick for 2 months, couldn't get out of bed. Zofran didn't help me that much, but they said it was for cancer patients with nausea. It's amazing how lucky I feel right now. I'm glad God has been with you the whole time, and I also continue the prayers. I love a church called Hosanna Lutheran here in Lakeville, MN! It's an amazing church. I only wish we haven't had to move as often as we have. Life is pretty good though. The kids are still the blessings of my/our world too. Take care.

Leslie Bowar
Minneapolis, MN