Wednesday, March 22, 2006


After looking at all the fish, we went to the dinosaur exhibit. Kerstin's sister is studying dinosaurs in school right now so it was an excellent learning experience. (As well as a chance to sit down and relax.) Click on the title "Dinosaurs" for more pictures.


Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

Wow, I feel like I'm on vacation with you, but I'm really stuck in Nebraska scooping snow. Jeremy thinks it's tons of fun to throw me in the snowbank. It's his way of saying "Thanks for the help, mom. I love you." Will you be home from your wanderings this weekend? We might have a soccer game in Lincoln on Saturday if they can get the field scooped off. (What a concept) We'll give you a call if we make it to town. I still have a couple of birthday presents that haven't been delivered yet.

Brian and Brenna said...

What an awesome trip.

It looks like you guys and gals are having a lot of fun.

I wish I would have been here instead of scooping snow and sliding around the car. But the melting is aaaa coming.

See ya soon.

B and B

Jill Johnson said...

Kerstin, I was expecting to see you and your sister's cute faces when I brought up your blog and almost jumped thinking a dinosaur was about to get the both of you. I am so glad you are out playing, live large!