Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ice cream anyone?

Kerstin did a super job taking her medicine yesterday and today. She got to pick this ice cream parlor from the prize box. We have already had a lot of fun scooping and eating special frozen treats! Her counts keep climbing a little each day. She got another headache this afternoon, but fell asleep before we were able to get her some Tylenol. Grandma Clarice and Papa Gene are here for the next few days. More knitting lessons? Keep praying for her appetite to increase and for good cooperation. :) Annie


Ann said...

Hey lil leaf-let

Love the "do-rag". Sound like you are having a good day & way to take the meds!! I know they are not fun, but all of us hope to see you soon - so ya need to take 'em! ;)

We had an AWESOME weekend doing Joseph!! So many people were there, and we all sang our hearts out - Just for you! *hugs* It sounds like this weekend will be even better!

Have fun with Mom, Dad, McKinsey and all your other family that are in Omaha to wait on you hand and foot! :)

lots of hugs!!

Ann :)

toninette said...

ICE CREAM! I love ice cream! If I didn't have this yucky cold, I'd be there in a second to play! I would put off laundry, dishes, ironing, vacuuming, dusting, snow scooping...anything for ice cream! I would give up all that for eating worms too - but would rather eat ice cream! I just like giving up doing boring housework.

Hope your week is as wonderful as you and your family! We love you and miss you Kerstin (and of course Annie).



Brian and Brenna said...


I will take a Chocolate Chip Sundae with just a few chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.... then if you could drizzle a bit of hot fudge on top that would be PEFECT! Hope that is not too much trouble.

Brenna likes Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreos and a few strawberries on top.

Looks like fun... Nice job with the meds... they may be a bit yucky, but they will help you get better.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kerstin!!! Keep taking those meds and you will be home soon! You can do this!
Hugs and prayers,
Julie Anderson

Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

The ice cream parlor looks way cool. I'd like an order of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream please. Jeremy had his show choir premier night. He had to dress up like a nerd and try to get a girl to dance with him...I think the Papa Gene acting genes have started to kick in. He fit the part perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Keep up the good work with the medicine - you'll be back home before you know it. We continue to pray those counts of yours go up, up, up!

Ben wore the socks he got in the hospital when he got his tonsils out to bed tonight. He said, "I bet Kerstin has a pair of these." They are the kind with the rubber stuff on the bottom that keep you from slipping on the slick floors.

Our prayers for you are constant. Hugs to your mom. Take care. The Toalsons

P.S. Joke of the Day

What key has legs and can't open doors?

mrsswiatek said...

Hi Kerstin,
You look so cute at your ice cream stand! I love ice cream and when you are feeling well again we will have to go out for ice cream to celebrate!!!!!! I can't wait for that day!! Great job taking all of those yucky medications, just remember they are making you well so that you can come home soon! I plan to go to Joseph this weekend so maybe I will see your dad. The pm Kindergarten classes are going to watch the Charlie Brown video next Wednesday so all of the kids will have an idea of what you are going through and what a tough and strong little girl you are. I will send the movie home with Mckinsey. Keep your ice cream stand up and running and eat lots of good food! Take care! Love, Mrs. Swiatek

Anonymous said...

Abby and I would like strawberry and chocolate! On a sugar cone PLEASE! Glad that you are feeling better Little Miss! You give Mommy an extra tight squeeze tonight from us!
Love ya,
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater

Anonymous said...

Okay Kerstin! First it was the donut Abd now the ice cream! Remember when I had to eat the donut because you ate one? Well, now I have to go downstairs and fix a bowl of ice cream! I better start exercising if you plan on making me eat all these snacks! I hope you have a ghod night.

We love you!

Todd and Family

Anonymous said...

That looks like lots of fun! I'm glad you are taking your medicines well. I know it's hard, but there are so many people that are proud of you!

I am praying for you!

Darla Sutter (& Xander)

Emilie Bouvier said...

Hi Kerstin!

I'm sorry I haven't posted a message sooner, I've been super busy with school and practicing for Joseph. My dad told you that I'm a "Camel butt" in the show and it's really funny, I'll have to send you pictures!:)We've been missing you a lot here and you're constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you know how much we all care about you!!! I know it's a real bummer taking that gross medicine. I bet it's even worse that peas, huh? That icecream sounds really good though!I can't wait until you can once again pile pillows on me and fill the room with your laughter. You are such a wonderful person and so much fun, Kersin, don't you ever forget that! :) Keep taking those meds and hanging in there, and have fun with your icecream parlor!