Sunday, November 13, 2005

Knitting Lessons

Kerstin and Aunt Debbie did a little knitting last night and this morning. They are currently working on a Barbie sleeping bag. This skill may come in handy for making hats since Kerstin's hair has just started to fall out the past few days. We are finding hair on her pillow, her shirt, and just about everywhere. She doesn't seem too concerned about it. All of her friends on this floor don't have hair either. McKinsey and I did find some fun hats at the mall for her. :)


Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

Knitting is fun. Remember Kerstin, you did a little with Grandma Clarice at Easter time. Barbie will like the sleeping bag. Do take time to eat. xo

Aunt Sandi said...

I'm excited that you're learning to knit! I don't remember how, but I can still manage to crochet a bit. Kenna can't wait to see your finished knitting product. Hmmm, wonder what I could make here ... :)

Looks like the best part of knitting with Aunt Debbie is the hug that's coming with it -- ask her to give you an extra one from Aunt Sandi. :)


Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

I gave your servant the job of calling Grandma Clarice to tell her you and McKinsey both want to do some knitting this week. She's supposed to bring some extra knitting needles and yarn. Trevor thinks you and his mom are kinda weird for making our hairy monster. I still think he's kinda cute. said...


Looks like you got a room with a good chair for knitting and for Mom sleeping. Lauren enjoys knitting too, she learned in 4-H and her aunt and Grandma J. knits with her. You stay strong, keep those nurses in line, and get home as soon as you can. We got out of the hospital right after Abby. Lauren did her brother's hair today, mohawk with gel, maybe your sister will let you fix her hair.

Jill and Lauren

Sonia Harford said...

Kerstin, I'm so glad you're learning to knit. I also knit a little. Maybe you and Lauren Johnson (my niece) can click your needles together sometime, as she also knits a bit. AND, one of my best knitting buddies is Cindy L-M who you know from your church. I think you are a friend of her daughter Lizzie and your dad and her dad are in Joseph together. WOW, people sure are connected, huh?!?

Well from Lauren's experience it does seem that hair is a bit over rated. I'm sure you (and your family) will do okay without it.

Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers each day.

Peace to you and your family, Sonia

mrsswiatek said...

I can't believe you are learning to knit. You are only 5! Wow! You have one lucky barbie! Maybe you can teach me to knit something when you come back to school. I can't wait for that day!!! Take care little one! You are amazing!! Sleep tight and eat a lot! Love, Mrs. Swiatek