Monday, November 14, 2005


Just wanted to let you know about some of the difficult things Kerstin faces each day. She takes oral medicine at least twice a day, sometimes more if she has a fever. Unfortunately, we are still struggling to find the best way to get it in her needy body. Mom is not enjoying this daily battle. She also takes a variety of meds through her IV. As we have already mentioned, her hair is falling out all over the place and gets in her face, food, on her clothes, pillow, etc. Since she has been getting fevers off and on, she is not allowed to leave the room, even to go to the playroom. Cabin fever has started to set in for all of us. She doesn't really want to eat or drink anything. When she is hungry, she isn't sure what sounds good to eat. The chemotherapy messes up her taste buds. Today she got a bad headache. After some Tylenol, she was able to get some rest. She is a tough little girl, although a bit stubborn at times. Each day we try to find something fun to do or laugh about. This morning while changing the bedding, we had a little pillow fight. She is a fighter. Pray for strength and patience and for those counts to go up so we can get home. Annie


toninette said...

Dear sweet Kerstin!

I understand what you are going through, because when Joshua was beginning his battle it was the same thing! Not liking shots, not understanding what is going on, not wanting to do this, not wanting to do that. We all need to go forward through life, one step at a day at a hour at a time.

The doctors, nurses, mom, and dad know what is best, even if it hurts and ISN'T fun. They love you and care for you, and only want what is best for you, even though it does stink sometimes. When you're a beautiful bride, think back to this day and be thankful you had many caring people here for you.

Be brave my beautiful neighbor, God believes in you, and has His arms wrapped around you 24/7! You are NEVER alone!

As for your hair, when it grows back in, if at all possible, you will be even MORE beautiful than you are now! Maybe it'll grow in looking like a rainbow, or a ray of sunshine - to match your personality!

It doesn't matter what color your hair is, if you have long straight hair, short curly hair, or no hair at all, you are still Kerstin.

Totally awesome
Never ending smiles and giggles!



Aunt Debbie and the boys said...

Who won the pillow fight? Jeremy and Trevor want to take on the winner. Have you made any more hairy monsters? I missed seeing your cute smile today. My principal said we couldn't have our hat day tomorrow because it's against the school dress code. What a bummer!!!

Anonymous said...

Annie and Kerstin,
Abby and I are doing the counts dance for you! We are bouncing around the living room yelling Kerstin's counts go up, Kerstin's counts go up!
Annie, I know how hard it is to watch her go through all of this! You will be amazed at how well she will do once she gets out of the hospital! She is a fighter, and that is what is going to pull her through this. Remember that when she is fighting you on her meds!
You are a great mom, and you are doing a fantastic job!
I will pray that God gives you strength, and that Kerstin counts come up so that you can get home!
Abby and Kristi

The Baginski's said...

Kerstin - You are a brave and wonderful girl who has amazing strength. I know Katryn & Alisha have had to take some yucky medicines (& Kathryn recently had to have antiobiotic shots for her kidney infection). We are all praying for you and your Mommy, Daddy & sister. We will keep praying for those counts to go up so you can go and sleep in your own comfy bed. We love you and keep smiling. Darren, Susan, Alisha & Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie and Kerstin!

What courageous women you are!
Sometimes life is not fun or easy and each day the sun still comes up.

Keep knitting those hats and sleeping bags...cold weather is on its way.

I"ll continue to pray for you and your family.


Barb DeFreece

Brian and Brenna said...


Thanks for the email. It was neat to read your message.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

We Love you. We miss you.

We can't wait to see you this weekend.



Anonymous said...


Hi, Pastor Greg here. I'm sorry you're not feeling better. I am praying that the ucky medicine is making the cancer go away. You are so strong. In fact, you are my hero.

I don't know if you heard from your dad, but Emilie is in Joseph. She even has to wear a camel costume. She is in the back end of it, so we're calling her a camel butt at our house! :)

We continue to pray for you, and we are sending hugs!

Pastor Greg

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up - we are all praying for you and hoping you will feel better soon.. You are so brave. Ben and Alex picked out a few more jokes of the day:
Where does a sheep get a haircut?
What do you call a crate full of ducks?
Why did the little girl throw the clock ou the window?
We are praying that time at the hospital will fly by and you will be home as a family very soon.
The Toalsons, Colleen, Brent, Alex, and Ben

Aunt Sandi said...

Dear Kerstin,

You are such a brave, strong little girl ... Casey and Kenna pray for you every night, and I say an extra "mom's prayer" for your mom. Of course we all keep you Lincoln Leafs in our hearts with us all day long.

You know your daddy is my little brother so I know just where you get your "little trooper" attitude. :) Frankly, I think you're tuffer than he is, so I know you'll be feeling better soon.

You keep smiling -- that's as good as sunshine :) -- and one of these days we'll get the webcam on so these RooneyToon cousins can wave at you!

We all love, love, love you!!! xoxoxo Aunt Sandi

Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

We know how strong you are even on "yucky" days. Everyone we know has you all in their prayers. This is truly a tough time. We're all anxious for you all to be home. o.a.d., e.d., a.d.l. Love.

Jeanne Schroeder said...

Kerstin, Thank you for letting daddy put these pictures on here and updating all of us this way. We are sorry that you have days that are struggles. We wish you sunshine and good health and happiness ALL days.

I pray for you and your family. I especially pray for your mommy, because I am a mommy and know how much she loves you and wants to make it all better for you.

By the way, I LOVVVVVVE the pillow fight idea. I think it should be a scheduled event to get out the frustrations. Give that pillow a whack for me, will ya???

I'm afraid to pillow fight with my BIG kid. He's almost ten and weighs about what I do...I don't bother wrestling with him anymore either!!! :}

I talked to Uncle Brian last night and we might have our pictures taken the 27th if it works for us. He's still as funny as always!!

Take care and here's a hug and smile from The Schroeder's.

Love, Jeanne, Al, Dallas, Emma, Anna and Griffin

Anonymous said...

Dear Annie and Kerstin,
Keep fighting girls, especially on the bad days! We are all here praying for you. God will hear us and will answer with what is the best plan! Hang in there on the meds Annie. I know how awful it is to have to force those in, but you know what has to be done! Keep being mom! Kerstin, look for a little treat to share with McKinsey in a couple of days. Hugs and prayers for a good afternoon-
Julie Anderson

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerstin and Annie
I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling good! But we know you can do it, Kerstin, just keep fighting. But maybe not so much on those meds...=) We're praying for you. Keep knitting those sleeping bags. It snowed today! Winter is here!
Adrienne, Eliot, Elise, Julie and Scott Anderson

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerstin, it's Shayna, I hope your feeling better by the time you read this. I really miss you at Sheridan, it's just not the same without my two monkeys around!
I just wanted to tell you how special you are and that I'm praying for your counts to go up so you can come home!