Monday, November 14, 2005

Information Angels

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been blessed once again by some members of our church family. Monty and Julie Scheele have generously offered to be our "Information Angels". If you have questions, need something delivered to us, or just want to help, feel free to contact them. Of course, if you just want an update on how Kerstin is doing each day, feel free to keep checking this web site.

Monty and Julie can be contacted at:

Monty and Julie Scheele
5021 Elk Ridge Rd
Lincoln, NE 68516
email at
home phone 402.420.5592

Thank you and God bless you all,

Jeff and Annie


Great Aunt Janet said...

I love the idea your Uncle Brian came up with, he is so smart. I would think people in your church will love this idea for Christmas cards and it will be a great plus for your project. Such a great idea and what a great site your family has here, I check it often. Keep up the good work and remember you are in our prayers
Your Great Aunt Janet

Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Joann said...

Thank you for helping Jeff and Annie. They are brave and they can use this hug.