Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cabbage Patch Slumber Party

McKinsey and Kerstin found some time to have a Cabbage Patch Slumber Party. Kerstin was pretty sleepy most of the day, but after getting some blood and a dose of tylenol, she started to feel much better and was ready to play. By the way, we are now in Room 607, a positive air-flow room.


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie and Kerstin,
Hope you are having a good night! That M&M math looks like fun! That would for sure be Abby's kind of math! We sure do feel blessed to have met you guys! That is one thing about this whole "thing", it is really hard, but God is Good, and he provides you with the chance to meet so many wonderful people! We look forward to you getting out, and you and Abby getting to play in clinic soon!
Kristi and Abby Bridgewater

Anonymous said...

Kerstin and McKinsey:
What fun - A Cabbage Patch Slumber Party! Sorry we've gotten behind on the joke of the day. Here it is: How do elephants speak to each other?
Alex, Brent, Ben, and Colleen (or ABBC)

toninette said...

One word to describe this picture..




Brian and Brenna said...

Well... I am not much for cabbage 'except' the doll kind... Now they are just fine. Brenna plays with those at her Grandma's house.

Kerstin... ask your Mom how wacky people got buying these goofy dolls when she was little. If I remember right, the dolls were so popular one Christmas that parents would about do anything they could to buy them... stealing... biting...scratching... you know, stuff like that.

I assume you and the dolls didn't get in too much trouble after the pillow fight.

See you next weekend.

We pray your week goes well.

Brian and Brenna